The Octopus


"The cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears, or the sea."

Has anyone ever known

the freshwater touch of your


or felt the coolness of your

breath upon their neck

as sweat fades from existence?

Maybe they’ve never woken up

and told the sun that his job was…

That one was kind of hard, or was it? I don’t know. But here’s a thing, you should make a prince.

I love you.

Also I challenge you to a duel.

 I hope you aren’t annoyed. I hope this was fun. If it wasn’t, you can always touch my bum.

Last Riddle: What is the center of Gravity?

Well look who’s here, let’s all give three cheers. Now it’s time to switch gears with a different kind of tune.

Riddle Four: What has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps, can run but never walks, and has a bank but no money?

Hey diddle diddle, the fox solved my riddle. Now, it’s time for a tune :)

Riddle Three: What has a neck but no head?

You have found me, indeed, but more riddles will be decreed. Clicking on me might invoke greed.

Riddle Two: Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?